Studio MB works on longitude exhibition

Studio MB has been appointed by the National Maritime Museum in London to create an exhibition telling the story of the race to solve longitudinal navigation in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The National Maritime Museum
The National Maritime Museum

The exhibition will open in the National Maritime Museum’s Sammy Ofer Wing before embarking on an international tour of Beijing, Sydney, Chicago and Washington.

 Studio MB will work to an unkown budget for a fee of £57,000 on a series of interactives and 2D graphic work, including experiences which consultancy director Craig Mann says ‘will help visitors imagine being at sea with only very rudimentary tools to tell them where they are.’

He adds, ‘It will disorientate them to help them get a sense of that uncertainty.’

The design will also accommodate some 200-300 artifacts, housed at Greenwich – ‘the home of the longitude story,’ says Mann.

Studio MB’s design will explain how in 1714 an Act of Parliament offered a £20,000 prize to solve longitudinal navigation for Britain’s expanding merchant navy.  It was eventually solved by John Harrison who invented a series of portable time-keeping devices.

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