Tate launches Turbine Hall retrospective app

Cogapp has created an iPad app to mark the latest Tate Modern Turbine Hall installation in the Unilever series.

Cogapp Tate Modern Unilever Series app
App showing Anish Kapoor’s Unilever installation

Cogapp was appointed to the project following its work on the Ai WeiWei Sunflower Seeds Unilever installation in 2010 and also on the strength of digital work with Dorling Kindersley.

The app provides an interactive retrospective of all past Unilever Turbine Hall pieces, collating photography, text and videos from the 13 years the series has been running.

Cogapp Tate Modern Unilever Series app
Cogapp Tate Modern Unilever Series app showing Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster commission from October 2008

It features films, essays and hundreds of retina display photographs and sketches, many of which has never been shown previously.

According to Cogapp, the app incorporates Tate Publishing’s brand values, and aims to showcase the content in a highly interactive format. The design mirrors the Turbine Hall space, using a time wheel gesture to navigate the content.

Cogapp Tate Modern Unilever Series app
App showing Miroslaw Balka’s installation

Gary Hoff, Cogapp creative director, says, ‘Our approach was to craft the design and typography to be intuitive, simple and elegant, but easily fade into the background to let the work speak for itself. Something we are very proud of is the time wheel gesture, where you rotate clockwise to move forward in time or anti-clockwise to go back.’

Cogapp Tate Modern Unilever Series app
Using the app

The current installation, the 13th in the series, is created by artist Tino Seghal. Seghal, an artist whose works consists of live encounters between people, has created a piece that sees 200 performers roaming the Turbine Hall space, engaging viewers in conversation.

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