The Book of Bock

German illustrator Frank Höhne’s new book, The Book of Bock, begins with some sage advice in a letter from his dad.

Book of Bock

‘Watch your health! Drink wine, eat much garlic and have fun. So you will survive 100 years.’

Alongside dubious health claims, the main focus of The Book of Bock is an illustrated guide on how to become an illustrator – and once you have, how to ensure you keep enjoying being one.

Book of Bock

Höhne’s idiosyncratic style is as charming as it is bizarre, with a distinctive naïve, childlike aesthetic and wit.

Bock is a German expression similar to ‘lust’, so essentially, the tome tells illustrators how to maintain their ‘bock’ for their work.

Book of Bock

The images are brilliant – weird, surreal and hilarious. Though the words of wisdom are, perhaps just as odd.

Here’s some of our favourite pieces of advice:

• You can’t get inspiration by looking at ‘things’, like books or exhibitions. A nice hairdo helps though.

• Live your life with as much trial and error as your can. Live it hard.

• Illustration is moody, so be honest and work how you feel

• Think global. There is definitely someone online that thinks you LOL, YOU ARE KILLER!

Book of Bock

Inspired by ‘the things that make him human’, Höhne has worked for clients including as BMW Mini, Nike, and Aveda.

The Book of Bock Frank Höhne by is published by Gestalten priced £26.99

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