The Gild designs look for new Cowshed products

The Gild has designed packaging for cosmetic company Cowshed’s new Slender Cow range.

Cowshed Slender Cow range
Cowshed Slender Cow range

The consultancy says it was approached in January and asked to design a look for a new ‘functional benefit’ product. 

Moving away from Cowshed’s palette of black, white and muted colours, Slender Cow uses bright pink with a green accent colour.

Key ingredients denote each Cowshed range and for Slender Cow seaweed was chosen.

‘It had to be something feminine with curvaceous lines to work,’ says The Gild planning manger Stefanie Gilmour.

Gilmour says that the new look is ‘a very different design aesthetic’ which will lend itself to ‘future functional product ranges’.

The range comprises three products: a Detoxyfying Body Scrub, Body Sculpting Serum and Extra Firming Body Butter.

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