The Partners creates identity for Louvre exhibition

The Partners has designed the identity for a new photography exhibition opening in the Louvre Museum site in Paris, by Korean photographer, AHAE.

The show is being held in the Louvre’s Jardin des Tuileries in a specially designed gallery conceived by British designer Guy Oliver, in collaboration with the patron, Keith Yoo and architect Charles Matz, covering more than 12,000 square metres.

The identity aims to reflect the concept of passing time – an idea central to the exhibition, which showcases a number of the 2000 to 4000 photographs AHAE has been taking each day from the same vantage point of a single window in his studio.

The Partners used the light within the photographs to cast shadows on the logo, to ‘[bring] to life the nature within the image, as well as the essence of time and movement’, according to the consultancy.

The identity is shown across exhibition press, including outdoor and digital advertising; public transport posters and interior and exterior exhibition signage.

Stuart Radford, creative director at The Partners, says, ‘We developed an identity that complements each of AHAE’s photographs, whilst conveying the concept of the entire exhibition. We approached this by focusing on the primary idea behind AHAE’s series of De ma fenêtre exhibitions; to capture natural moments from different days, week, months or seasons – all from just one viewpoint.’

The exhibition opens today.

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