The world’s most expensive jelly (robot)

Sony Xperia has worked with ‘jelly-mongers’ Bompas & Parr (whose portfolio includes a boating lake made from sweetener and a crazy golf course constructed from cake) to create ‘the world’s most expensive jelly’.

This jelly robot is worth £6000
This jelly robot is worth £6000

Well, the world’s most expensive jelly robots, to be precise. The stunt is based around director Wes Anderson’s Made of Imagination ad for the Sony Xperia mobile phone which featured thousands of tiny ‘Xperiabots’, which have now ‘escaped’ and are hiding around the UK waiting to be found in return for Sony prizes.

Most of the robots have been rendered as graffiti and stencils or online, but three of them have been made as super-expensive jelly – with each jelly robot worth about £6000.

To make them so bling, Bompas & Parr have stuffed them with luxuries such as golden cogs, white truffle valves and gemstones for eyes. Whoever finds the robots gets to keep (and presumably eat) them.

Making the robot
Making the robot

Two were hidden in London – although these have already been found – but at the time of writing one jelly robot was still understood to be on the loose in Manchester. Happy hunting.

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