Tweet-displaying T-shirt launched

Whisky brand Ballantine’s has created tshirtOS, a T-shirt that lets the wearer share tweets, Facebook statuses, photos and music on their chests.


The brand worked with digital partner WorkClub and clothing brand CuteCircuit on the project, which sees T-shirts fitted with a built-in camera, allowing the wearer to take photos, and a headphone jack to listen to music from iTunes. An LED screen displays social media activity such as tweets and Instagram images.

The built-in operating system is controlled by an iPhone4S and iOS5+  mobile application connecting the T-shirt with the internet.


The t-shirt is currently only in prototype stage, and Ballantine’s is using social media to gauge reactions. If enough people express an interest, Ballantine’s says the tshirtOS will be produced and sold.


Ballantine’s global brand director, Peter Moore, says, ‘The T-shirt is the original canvas of self-expression. It was the Facebook status before there was a Facebook status. Whether you wore the Smiley Face, Che Guevara or Frankie Says Relax, your favourite t-shirt tells the world something about you. Ballantine’s has taken that thought and made it bigger.’

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  • Jo Grantham November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    This looks fab only down side is it having to be the iphone to operate it 🙁

  • Sliding Billy November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    I want one!

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