Under the bridge

Jason Bruges Studio is bringing its intriguingly titled 21st Century Light Space Modulator installation to what could be London’s most unpromising venue – underneath Hungerford Bridge.

Light Space Modulator

The artwork has been created for Indian lighting company Havells-Sylvania and the South Bank and aims to create an architecturally lit creative space.

The consultancy certainly had a big task. Southbank Centre artistic director Jude Kelly says, ‘On this site we have a really rich array of buildings and spaces… And then there are some really quite grotty areas – and we’ve given Jason Bruges one of these spaces.’

Light Space Modulator

Bruges describes the space as ‘really interesting… dark and underloved, there’s trains rolling above it. We thought, what a wonderful opportunity to make a luminokinetic piece.’

Using a series of Havells-Sylvania products, Bruges has created a ‘kit of parts’ which can be installed in the space to create a dynamic installation which can change over the year.

The piece is inspired by Lázló Moholy-Nagy’s Light Prop for an Electric Stage, created in 1930, a kinetic sculpture made from shifting perforated discs, that cast ever-changing light and colour patterns.


Bruges says, ‘Fully interactive, our installation explores not just the relationship between space and light but also people’s behaviour within a space. It introduces a performative process in which the installation engages with the audience, transforming the space with lighting based on how people respond to it.’

21st Century Light Modulator will be in place underneath Hungerford Bridge on London’s Southbank until 12 July.

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