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Liverpool-based consultancy Uniform has created an identity for Hounslow town centre in west London.


The consultancy was appointed to the project around six weeks ago by the London Borough of Hounslow following a tender process.

Alongside the town centre identity, which is set to launch towards the end of the summer, Uniform is also working on a business brand for the borough.

The new town centre identity is based around a an ‘H’ mark that can be backed with different images to demonstrate the diversity of the town centre. The images shown here are test patterns showing how the implementation might work.


The identity has been built around promoting Hounslow as ‘a place of real possibilities’.

Uniform associate director Scott McCubbin says, ‘Originally a staging post, Hounslow has always been a place of real possibilities. With people coming and going, bringing their stories, their skills and their trade, this is a place that has been built by markets and sustained by travellers.’

Patricia Huertas, town manager for Hounslow, says, ‘For Hounslow town centre to attract more visitors, more shoppers and more businesses it needs to create a stronger sense of place and pride.

‘We want to promote the town inwardly but also put it on the map.’

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  • Casey November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    I live in Hounslow. There’s nothing to be proud about when it comes to Hounslow. It’s a shit hole. So well done, you guys are doing branding for a shit hole.

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