Urban Salon works on Design Museum sport exhibition

Urban Salon is working on the Design Museum’s Designed to Win exhibition sport which opens later this month.

Designed to Win exhibition design by Urban Salon
Designed to Win exhibition design by Urban Salon

The exhibition will look at the way design and sport are combined to ‘push the limits of human endevour to achieve records and victories,’ according to the Design Museum.

The museum appointed Urban Salon in February and the consultancy went on to develop the concept design and work with the curator as content was developed and final exhibits confirmed, according to Urban Salon exhibition designer David Germond.

The brief required a design which would ‘reflect a sense of competition, but also the diversity of the subject matter,’ says Germond.

‘Our approach was to place the exhibits in a thematic context and introduce a sense of movement and dynamism to reflect the subject matter. We inserted a timber track running the entire length of the galley, that references velodromes or running tracks,’ says Germond

More than 100 exhibits have been integrated into this design, facing the same way ‘to enhance the sense of direction and movement,’ says Germond.

The end wall of the gallery features projected films ‘to provide a destination for the visitors’ and the central timber track ‘acts as a table of contents with the different exhibition themes arranged on either side,’ Germond says.

An unfinished strip of bamboo material has been used for the spine, with the gallery painted dark to contrast with fluorescent graphic highlights.

Urban Salon has worked alongside Studio Fernando Gutiérrez, which is designing the exhibition graphics, including life -size illustrations.

The exhibition opens on 26 July.

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