Vodafone launches digital roster review

Vodafone UK plans to issue requests for information today as its digital roster review gets underway.

Vodafone UK
Vodafone UK

The review of digital consultancies across direct, brand and digital is expected to take around two months.

It is understood that there are currently under twenty consultancies currently on the roster.

A Vodafone UK spokesman says, ‘during the process we will be considering all options from retaining the current structure, all the way to retaining a single agency partner.’

The spokesman, who denied that the roster will necessarily be made smaller, says, ‘We will be looking at all sorts of models – maybe even to consolidate the work into one agency, which might sub-contract. The review will be about exploring options.’

Applications will be considered from a broad range of consultancies. The spokesperson says, ‘The review is designed to ensure that not only do we end up with the best digital resource for Vodafone but that we make the most of the talent that clearly exists within the UK agency market.’

Interested parties should head to the AAR Group’s website later today http://www.aargroup.co.uk/ to apply.

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