What are you most looking forward to at London Design Festival?

London Design Festival starts on Friday. What are you most looking forward to?

Nick Rees

I can’t wait to see the SodaBar that SodaStream are installing at the V&A… not only do I love the iconic brand of old but I’m also really excited about Yves Béhar’s design of the SodaStream Source . The link up reminds me of the Schweppes soda fountain that featured at The Great Exhibition of 1851… great marketing for the brand back then and the fountain can still be seen in the current branding.

Nick Rees, creative director, Bulletproof

Lizzie Mary Cullen

For me, it was always going to be the V&A Illustration awards. It’s my favourite museum, everything about it is gorgeous. Plus, I love scoping out the competition and adding to my ‘to kill’ list. It’s a hobby of mine. 

Lizzie Mary Cullen, illustrator

Luke Thompson

Build’s Blood, Sweat & 11 Years show at the Dray Walk Gallery is looking very good. Coverage on their blog and a dedicated tumblr shows the breadth and quantity of really great graphic design dating back to when I first started taking an interest in the subject. I’m looking forward to seeing the real objects which previously I’ve only lusted after on screen. The show promises print design the way it’s supposed to be seen.

Luke Thompson, designer, Kin Design

Marc Atkinson

It’s near impossible to pick out one thing. I’ll likely hop on my bike for a day armed with a scrawled itinerary, and race between the larger, established locations and events – Tent London, Design Junction, the V&A – which provide a wealth of inspiration in one hit, and the more obscure, intimate, local openings, such as those through Shoreditch Design Triangle. For me, it’s a chance to step outside of the world of graphics and appreciate design in the wider context; it’s inspiring stuff, and there’s lots of it.  

Marc Atkinson, co-founder, Marc & Anna

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