What unrealised project do you harbour ambitions of completing?

In our Ten Question series, Nik Roope says he still has aspirations to create a radiowave bunker in Trafalgar Square. What unrealised project do you harbour ambitions of completing?

Dominic Wilcox

‘I want to connect the heartbeat rhythm of an individual to a city’s lights so that the lights flash in time with beat. If not a whole city’s lights then a street or large, significant building would do. I like the idea of magnifying and visually highlighting the significance of the life force of a lone person. I have my eye on the Eiffel Tower and The Houses of Parliament.’

Dominic Wilcox, artist/designer

Jenny Theolin

‘When working with Rider, we once planned to throw cash from atop a 60m crane in a busy Stockholm square in a campaign for Flygresor.se. The amount, 100,000kr, reflected the average daily savings when booking flights with Flygresor. We had 5,000 20kr notes ready, plus 10,000 fake 20kr notes promoting an online competition.Unfortunately, due to a Twitter leak, 60,000 people suddenly knew and neither Rider nor Flygresor dared to proceed with the stunt!’

Jenny Theolin, graphic designer and senior art director, muirhoward

Ben Chatfield

‘Periscope Pictures: We once proposed to illustrate a building by photographing it using massive mirrors like a periscope. The mirrors would be placed at angles in corridors and doorways so that you could see in and around corners, creating impossible views. It didn’t happen for one reason or another but we still enjoy the idea of peering, not walking through a building.’ 

Ben Chatfield, creative director, Bravo Charlie Mike Hotel

Mr Gresty

‘In a long-lost sketchbook I drew detailed exploded diagrams for an inflatable bike seat. I could not fathom out the placement of the valve, front end, back end or the gooch area? I think this product is now available! Nowadays I’d like to set up a creative space, where the multi-disciplined residents can mix, mingle and collaborate. The venue will have an adaptable space for exhibitions and events. I’ll see you there after my Lotto win!’

Mr Gresty, illustrator

Stephen Brittain

‘What product would you design for the 100 most obsessive and wealthy fans of a dinosaur film franchise? This most unusual but fascinating study turned our mass-consumer approach on its head. I think my favourite idea to hit the floor was the creation of a life-sized, flying and squawking, radio controlled PterodactylEnjoy not only the admiration from your fellow dinosaur fans, but the gratitude of the whole village as you rid the streets of pigeons forever.’

Stephen Brittain, strategic innovation business unit director, Seymour Powell

Lizzie Mary Cullen

‘I currently hold aspirations of building Death Star 3. It will be placed over America, and if a Bush ever runs for president again, they will experience the full operational power of the space station. In all seriousness though, I would like to do a Global draw project – with the way we communicate has completely changed over the past few years, there is the potential to create something totally awesome, and massive.’

Lizzie Mary Cullen, illustrator

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