Which musician do you think has created the best visual art or design work?

Horrors singer Faris Badwan is hosting a new exhibition of his artwork. Which musician do you think has created the best visual art or design work?

Stuart Semple

‘This is such a difficult question because most of it is terrible. I could rattle off a list of rock stars that I think are naff but focusing on the good, I can’t get past John & Yoko, because the simplicity and the impulsiveness of what they made, coupled with the accessibility and the importance of the message, made work that is iconic. War Is Over is still as potent today as it ever was. They merged graphics, performance music and fluxus ideas into something that I admire hugely.’

Stuart Semple, artist

Tom Actman

‘How on earth am I supposed to answer this? I started with a list. I considered David Lynch’s scary etchings. I dismissed Ronnie Wood (immediately). I fretted over Kurt Cobain’s misery. Patti Smith? Nah. I finally solved it. The King of Cool: Miles Davis. Before he died he said “art is like therapy for me, and it keeps my mind occupied with something when I’m not playing music.” The art is quite abstract and somehow visualises his music, but more than anything I just like looking at it. Cool indeed.’

Tom Actman, co-founder, Mat Dolphin

Adam Rix

‘Lennon, Byrne, Dylan, The Stone Roses and Andy Carthy all spring to mind. But one artist is often sadly overlooked. A true pioneer in his field, he has inspired a generation of artists. Some see a visual artist, others a musician. Some (controversially) say he’s neither. Some say his exquisite technique with the wobble board is the finest to have ever graced this planet. Can you guess who it is yet?’

Adam Rix, senior creative, Music

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  • amir ahmed November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Green Gartside. Done.

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