Writing for Design shortlist


VHA Rebrand and Repositioning for Valerie Hoskins Associates by The Allotment

Valerie Hoskins Associates is a screenwriters’ agent representing TV film and animation writers. The Allotment was initially briefed to create a website to promote the organisation’s writing talent, but the consultancy challenged the client to think beyond the website and see it as an opportunity to create a new brand. It created a new identity and a communications language based around the words of the writing talent, repurposing their writing to become witty messaging on communication pieces.


Aesop Agency Launch by Aesop

Aesop is a new integrated agency that takes its name from the Fables author and bases its proposition around using storytelling to help its clients. The consultancy developed a creative concept that makes an explicit link between its name and storytelling, and puts its money where its mouth is by telling its own story.


How to Save a Life for the British Heart Foundation by Marc & Anna

Marc & Anna was tasked with producing a pocket guide to life-saving, aimed at teenaged schoolchildren. Working with copywriter Nick Asbury, the consultancy developed a project which features panicked exclamations on the cover and divider pages, followed by a clear and easy-to-access guide.

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