Decoding RGB colours

As a starting point for his Binary Translations work, artist James Irwin wrote a computer programme to deconstruct RGB colours.


Irwin – a graduate of computation studio arts from Goldsmith’s – has created a series of coded prints, each of which uses a combination of the 16 777 216 unique RGB colours he identified.

The images are automated – determined by an algorithm – and designed to represent the entire colour spectrum.

An internet search for the number 16 777 216 led Irwin to discover the work of French artist France Languerand, who had conducted a similar experiment several years ago.


Irwin contacted Languerand and asked her to contribute her works to the show, to sit alongside his investigations.

As well as displaying prints, Irwin has also created a sculpture for the exhibition, which will scan and translate the pixelated colours of the digital images into light, projected into a translucent cone.


James Irwin: Binary Translations is at Space In Between, 8 Andrews Road, London E8, from 31 May-22 June.

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