El Bulli chef Ferran Adrià seeks French Bulldog to front rebrand

French Bulldog illustration by Andrew Rae, for the El Bulli exhibition at Somerset House
French Bulldog illustration by Andrew Rae, for the El Bulli exhibition at Somerset House

Ferran Adrià, the man behind El Bulli, one of the most celebrated restaurants of all time, is looking for French Bulldog to star as the El Bulli brand character.

Although the restaurant closed in 2011, Adrià is looking to develop the brand through a number of new ventures, and has called for a new brand identity to front the projects, according to reports.

The chef, famed for molecular gastronomy, is looking for a French Bulldog to be the face of the brand and told the Guardian he will ‘hold casting sessions in New York, London, Madrid and Barcelona if necessary.’

The restaurant was named after the original owner’s French Bulldogs, a breed colloquially known as bulli.

Adrià has plans for an El Bulli themed museum and visitor centre, which will tell the story of the history of Gastronomy and be called El Bulli 1846.

‘This reflects the 1,846  El Bulli dishes we have catalogued and the year that Auguste Escoffier, the most important chef in history was born,’ Adrià told the newspaper.

Meanwhile two other projects will be created: Bulipedia an online encyclopedia of gastronomy, and El Bulli DNA, which will document his research and development experiments into food.

An exhibition, El Bulli: Ferran Adrià and the Art of Food, runs from 5 July-29 September at Somerset House, London, and takes a retrospective look at Adrià and the restaurant which made him famous.

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