Furniture shortlist 2013


Docklands, for Bene, by Pearson Lloyd

Docklands has been developed for Austrian brand Bene as a series of compact individual workspaces. It fulfils a growing demand for semi-private and compact acoustic enclosures to conduct focused individual work and study. Attention has been paid to each space’s acoustic performance, with soft, inner walls acoustically engineered to provide optimum sound quality.


New Business Class Seat and Cabin, for Lufthansa, by Pearson Lloyd

Pearson Lloyd was commissioned in 2007 to design Lufthansa’s first fully flat business class seat and cabin interior for its new fleet of Boeing 747-8i jumbo jets. The design’s starting point is a V-shaped double layout with each pair of seats contained in an outer shell. These provide a calm, private environment without closing the passenger off from the rest of the cabin.

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