New Hate Mail from Mr Bingo

There aren’t many joyful things that can be born out of hatred, but Mr Bingo’s Hate Mail project seems to be warming the hearts of all it touches.  

Hate Mail by Mr Bingo

Illustrator/savant scribbler Mr Bingo came up with the simple and savage idea to send illustrated abuse on vintage postcards to paying subscribers.

Although the whole thing was spurred by the success of sending a postcard to a complete stranger – one unwitting Jonathan Hopkins. It read, ‘Fuck you Jonathan, fuck you and fuck your shit legs.’

Hate Mail by Mr Bingo

The idea came about on the whim of a tweet by @Mr_Bingo asking for willing recipients of abuse. Hopkins was the first.

But he has also told Design Week before, ‘I love post, and I’m worried people don’t get enough “fun” post these days,’ so it is in fact joy rather than hate which Bingo is trying to spread.

Hate Mail by Mr Bingo

Now there is a new collection of Hate Mail, which will be shown by KK Outlet, where Bingo will be camped for the duration of the exhibition.

Hate Mail by Mr Bingo

The first 60 people through the door have the dubious honour of being able to purchase their own personal Hate Mail. And he’ll also be working on another 20 original Hate Mails during the course of the show, which will again be available to purchase.The ones we’ve shown here are all new.

Hate Mail by Mr Bingo

Anyone buying the book at the exhibition will have their copy personalised, with a targeted message of hate of course.

Hate Mail by Mr Bingo

The latest installment of Mr Bingo’s Hate Mail will be at KK Outlet, 42 Hoxton Square, London N1 from 7-29 June.

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  • Natasa Popovic Castillo November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    What a poor soul Mr Bingo is!
    Seems to me that he was probably bullied for most of his life and that now finally he found the way to be ‘cool’.
    I’ve heard one of his talks – and his advices were more than pathetic! He is full of hatred and in my understanding the main message of his ‘lecture’ was how you should remember who stood on your way when you were starting your career and revenge when you get the opportunity! so he showed some ‘fun’ examples that he’s done. Maybe I just don’t understand this fashion for being rude – however I still feel that this trend is wrong!

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