DixonBaxi creates new ‘energetic’ look for STV

Scottish media brand STV is launching a refreshed identity, created by Dixon Baxi ‘with the aim of turning up the personality’ of the company.

STV Glasgow logo
STV Glasgow logo

STV, which operates the two ITV licensees in northern and central Scotland, looked to review its branding ahead of the launch of its new STV Glasgow and Edinburgh channels, and brought in Dixon Baxi in January.

The consultancy worked with the brand’s in-house marketing team on the project, which saw the repositioning of the entire STV brand family, including its STV Productions, STV Commercial and STV Creative arms.

Bobby Hain, director of channels for STV, says, ‘We started this process last summer and approached a branding refresh with the aim of turning up the personality of STV and creating a more recognisable brand family across the business.

The current blue and white logo shape has been retained for the umbrella brand, though new colours are used on the two city channels, STV Glasgow and Edinburgh. The blue has been tweaked slightly to a new shade, and the logo is now ‘dimensionalised’, says DixonBaxi.

Aporva Baxi, DixonBaxi cofounder, says, ‘We kept the shape the same, but we’ve given it a beating heart, with elements of light on the edges of the triangle. We’ve given it more energy and a contemporary feel of seamless movement and fluidity.

‘When they’re animated the logos pulse with energy and light and colour’.

The triangle of the logo and its blue and white palette references the Scottish saltire flag. Baxi says, ‘[The new branding] was a opportunity for STV to capture the sprit of the nation, and really express who Scottish people are’.

The new positioning for the STV will be used across the entire family of sub-brands, as well as the company’s online channels. The STV studios have also been redesigned, and  from 2 June, when the new look launches, will feature new sets that will incorporate updated branding for news, sport and weather.

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  • Dan Shaw December 17, 2013 at 2:02 am

    Did they bother to Google ITV first ?? I can’t believe that colour palette was universally agreed by the design team.

  • Dan Scott November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Aren’t the colours supposed to tow in with ITV?

  • Dan Scott November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Aren’t the colours supposed to tie in with ITV?

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