Paper-cut illustrations bring Bear to life

Snack brand Bear is launching its first TV ad campaign today featuring animated paper-cut illustrations.


Andy Williams, creative director of Vamanos Creative, was executive producer on the project, which involved paper-cut illustrator Jared Schorr making everything you see by hand.


The scenes have been brought to life using 2D and 3D animation, which takes the bear through some dark woods and a cave before he embarks on a fantastical adventure.

Bear was branded by B&B Studio in 2009 and the consultancy has carried on working with the company and developing the brand which has since been commended with a DBA Design Effectiveness Grand Prix Award.


Emma Hines, head of marketing at Bear says, ‘We were inspired by the children’s programmes we used to watch as kids and wanted to nod back to the nostalgic quality of these with our new ad.

‘They always had a hand-crafted simplicity and wholesomeness to them that we wanted to draw on to reflect the simplicity of the products we make.’

The ad will run on Nickelodian, Tiny Pop and Kix for one month starting today and is aimed at 4-10 year-olds.

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