SomeOne helps Westway Trust bid for top London destination status

SomeOne has rebranded charity the Westway Trust by playing on the liminality of the Westway area, which is looking to transform itself into a ‘top ten destination for London’.

Westway Trust rebrand by SomeOne

The Westway Trust was formed in 1971 when the A40 Westway Flyover was built, leaving 23 acres of derelict land in Kensington & Chelsea which the Trust manages on behalf of the local community. 

Today the Trust stands for urban generation, according to SomeOne, which says the area has been ‘transformed into a safe, attractive environment for everyone to enjoy and benefit from’.

A new strategic vision – ‘Destination 2030’ – envisages the area as a top ten London destination and to this end SomeOne was engaged to help the Trust become more visible and more relevant to the people it benefits.

Westway Trust rebrand by SomeOne

It currently runs education and training programmes, health services, and two sports and fitness facilities.

SomeOne says, ‘We wanted to help people understand what the Trust does and to visually tie together the various sites along the Westway.’

The new brand has been built around the idea of the Westway as a liminal space.

SomeOne co-founder David law says, ‘Liminal spaces can create a great canvas for designers because they allow the unexpected to happen.

‘The Westway is itself a liminal space, stitching together the borough and bringing together people of all backgrounds in a really interesting and unique space – under a flyover.’

Westway Trust rebrand by SomeOne

SomeOne’s Design Director Lee Davies adds ‘To us the Westway represents something permeable – welcoming and beneficial to all. It’s all about the spaces and surfaces of the environment, literal touchpoints where the brand becomes solid and tangible. We really wanted to bring liminality to the identity of the Trust.’

The original name, The Westway Development Trust – which SomeOne says is ‘very council amenities’ has been changed to Westway Trust and the services on offer have been incorporated into the identity.

SomeOne says, ‘ We created a framework of typographic surfaces, a contemporary take on playbill posters, that would act as a liminal brand world for the Trust’.

The surfaces never appear flat, always appear in perspective ‘and wherever possible’ are integrated into photography or applied to environmental surfaces.

Westway Trust rebrand by SomeOne

Each subset of the Trust has its own glossary and language with which to communicate and there is a different tone of voice for each service, and where appropriate this is in other languages like Swahili or Chinese.

The brand is beginning to roll out and will eventually reach every part of the Westway from poster sites on the A40 to property hoardings, signage, merchandise and digital.

CTI Digital has worked on a new website for the trust

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