Supernew Supergraphics

Unit Editions latest release, Supernew Supergraphics brings together architectural, environmental and interior graphic design.

Supernew Supergraphics by Unit Editions

The book looks at how applied graphics are used to ‘distort space and warp entire buildings’ with colour, typographic messages and abstract shapes.

Supernew Supergraphics by Unit Editions

Applied on a large scale these supergraphics can be transformative and disruptive, changing the way spaces behave and the way people interact with them.

Within the book, work by practitioners Felice Varni, Sascha Lobe, Sara De Bondt, and Boa Mistura is introduced, bringing to light all kinds of illusionary techniques. 

Supernew Supergraphics by Unit Editions
Hostel Golly & Bossy by Studio Up for SAFIR d.o.o, Split, Croatia

The book has been designed by Spin and its cover has been inspired by the dazzle ships of WW1, according to founder Tony Brook who says he was ‘drawn to the dramatic impact of their camouflage.’

Supernew Supergraphics by Unit Editions
Luz Nas Vielas (Light in the Alleyways) by Boa Mistura, São Paulo, Brazil

The book is jointly edited by Tony Brook and Adrian Shaughnessy, who has written an essay on the parallels between the work of the pioneers of supergraphics and the designers and architects who work with them today.

Brook says, ‘There’s been a real tangible increase in supergraphics around the world. It’s become a global phenomenon and something you can make either with a pot of paint and roll of masking tape to buildings that are lit up at night.’

Supernew Supergraphics by Unit Editions
By Peter Kogler for the Dirmart Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

Supernew Supergraphics is published by Unit Editions, priced £45 as a pre-order from before its full publication in June when it will be priced £55. 

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