The Cernis Collective works with students on Stand Against Violence identity

The Cernis Collective has worked with two students from Leeds Metropolitan University to create a new identity for charity Stand Against Violence.

Stand Against Violence was set up in 2005 by Adam Fouracre, following the murder of his brother Lloyd. The charity runs workshops and seminars in schools and colleges around the country teaching young children and adults about the consequences of violence.

The Cernis Collective started working with Stand Against Violence as part of the Pimp My Cause project, a pro-bono marketing initiative for charities.

Justin Cernis, founder of The Cernis Collective, says, ‘One of the first things we wanted to look at was how the organisation portrayed itself and immediately we felt a stronger identity and logo was needed.’

Cernis was mentoring Carrianne Walker, a final-year Graphic Arts & Design student at LMU, and gave her the brief, alongside design partner and fellow student Pete Mitchell.

Walker, who has now graduated from the course, says, ‘It was a great opportunity to work on something in our final year that will actually run.’

Cernis says the students presented a number of ideas, and he worked to guide and art direct them.

He says, ‘I think it gave the team some good exposure to producing actual work as I was pushy in getting things changed, keeping deadlines tight on purpose, and challenging them to think in a particular way.’

The new identity portrays the V sign for peace, which also represents the V in the charity’s name.

It is set to roll out across the charity’s branding. The design team has already produced wallpaper for a DJ event and a concept for a die-cut business card.

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  • C G November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    So it’s a V (sign) for Peace and a V for Violence…

    Slightly confusing….

  • Melanie Moore November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Big thumbs up for liaising with students on design projects, however it might just be me (and I really hope it is), but that negative space which is meant to be the thumb/lower hand looks like a very unfortunate shaped side profile of something else.

  • Grace Jones November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Agree! Definitely a phallic object.

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