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1. How much should designers charge? The Design Business Association’s John Scarrott provides some advice.

Red Bee

2. Red Bee has rebranded TV channel Dave with ‘a shave and new haircut’.


3. Bankcards that crumple or explode if you spend too much – Method explores the future of money.

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‘When you enter, they warn you to not “touch, lick, stroke, or mount the exhibits.”’ The Partners designer Melanie Chernock extolls the virtues of New York’s Museum of Sex.

Image of the week


We’re wholly in favour of Rachel Whiteread’s holey new Tube map cover.

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The 77,000 mysterious videos of rectangles and sounds uploaded by YouTube user Webdriver Torso have gripped our imagination. Are they coded messages for spies? An attempt to contact aliens? The BBC investigates here.

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The BBC looks at the self-styled ‘most boring advert ever made’, a 45-minute epic from Leica.

‘We laid the trio down on the floor of our loft with their heads almost touching and took a black and white photo from above. I was hanging so precariously off the stepladder I almost fell on them. They seemed mystified.’ The Guardian talks to Toby Mott, who designed the cover for De La Soul’s debut album 3 Feet High and Rising.

For fcuk’s sake – brands are swearing more than ever, according to the Guardian.

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