Topman unveils new website

Topman has unveiled a new website which it hopes will offer greater brand consistency and give customers a better sense of whether clothes will fit.

The new Topman site

The project has been led by Tom Lancaster, creative manager at Topman, who joined the retailer in March from the Greater London Authority where he was head of design.

Lancaster says customer experience insight has informed a series of changes which include replacing heavy black pages with ’clean white pages topped with a black header to maintain brand consistency.’

All images of clothing are now featured being worn by models, and have been shot by the in-house photography team ‘to make it easier for our customers to get an idea of fit.’

The new Topman site

Photographs are backdropped with a platinum colour ‘so that the product is the hero on the white pages’ says Lancaster.

A ‘sticky header’ has been introduced to make navigating the site easier when browsing long pages, while increased line spacing on drop down navigation and left hand navigation ensures a more optimised tablet experience.

The new Topman site

Green has become the new ‘proceed colour’ for purchasing and live text has been introduced to the site in a bid to improve SEO.

Lancaster says, ’Our basic text set is sans serif which serves Helvetica or Arial dependent on browser. In our global navigation we use Interstate (Topman’s typeface) as live text and we’re moving more of our display typography to live text as we build on the new site design.’

Promotional spaces are now consistent ‘to help us localise our featured content,’ adds Lancaster.

Omar Souissi was lead designer on the project, Sam Castro led user experience, Alex Clarke was project manager, digital direction was oversen by Gareth Rees-John.

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