New Designers Selection

Matthew Kavan Brooks

Furniture Design

We have got used to designers thinking in either 3D or 2D, with product and pattern coming from different sides of the studio. What is remarkable about graduates at the moment is an increasing ability to switch between the two. It is always exciting to have a graduate in the design studio, because their imagination […]

Lee Simmons

Jewellery & Metalwork Design

The Goldsmiths’ Company, founded in 1327, is one of the Great Twelve Livery Companies of the City of London, and today not only operates the London Assay Office, but continues to play an increasingly important role in supporting the jewellery and silversmithing industry, assisting with the technical training of aspiring craftsmen and promoting excellence in […]

Lee McNichol

Spatial Design

As a discipline, it is interesting that design, in all its aspects, is both a trendsetter and a trend follower. Trendsetting is driven initially through a small number of visionary individuals, progressively attracting a following until the once-unique becomes the norm. Similarly, design developments will often mirror demand, through an increase in aspiration to emotional […]

Emma Tiplady

Product Design

With the exception of the odd self-illuminating suspender belt, there was a distinct lack of glamorous and hedonistic products emerging from the product design colleges and universities at this year’s New Designers exhibition. Given the current climate this is hardly surprising. There were also few, if any, aesthetic or design language trends emerging. But what […]

Dan Gray

Visual Communications

For the past couple of years at New Designers, Sky Creative has presented its Green Award to the graduate who best demonstrates how ecological and environmental issues can be efficiently addressed. With greater availability of eco-friendly materials and techniques that don’t add to the ozone layer, it is encouraging to see designers embracing the traditional […]

Elizabeth Lock

Textile, Fashion & Accessory Design

At Harlequin we see New Designers as a showcase for the country’s innovative and inspirational young designers. We have sponsored an award here for the past four years, and see our support as a way of investing in the designers of the future, while showing our commitment by encouraging and promoting emerging creative skills. As […]

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