New Designers Selection

In previous years, Upper Street Events has run its New Designers Selection exhibition as a feature within the London Design Festival.

This year is different and the showcase of emerging creative talent, drawn from the best at the News Designers graduate show, appears solely in this publication and online at

By highlighting some of the more interesting projects from design’s rising stars, the publication provides a snapshot of directions being taken by the new generation of creatives across six areas covered by New Designers. Luminaries from the six fields share their insight into trends in their areas of expertise.

Those areas are diverse, ranging from product and furniture to fashion, jewellery, spatial design and visual communications. Some of the designers cited here are pioneering innovations in materials and processes, but all suggest a deep commitment to social issues and environmental concerns.

This is a powerful message. These people represent the future of design and it is great to see them engaging in such issues at the outset of their careers. It bodes well for design’s ability not just to create products and services that enhance our lives, but to make a real difference in a changing world.

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