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At Harlequin we see New Designers as a showcase for the country’s innovative and inspirational young designers. We have sponsored an award here for the past four years, and see our support as a way of investing in the designers of the future, while showing our commitment by encouraging and promoting emerging creative skills.

As anticipated, the 2009 New Designers was an inspirational event. It showcased a wide variety of work, from intricately and beautifully etched florals in vivacious colours to natural life forms and aspects of the coast. There was variety from all involved, but for us Francesca Martin, the winner of the Harlequin New Designers Award, stood out from the crowd, with a great eye for colour, a fantastic fluid hand to the artwork and real commercial consideration.

Our creative design team strives to produce luxurious and aspirational fabrics and wallpapers that can be translated into any interior scheme. The trends reflected in our new ranges this season move from organic textures of the natural world, evoking a feeling of peace and wellbeing in our Bakari range, to bolder trends within our Lalika collection, fusing Persian and Indian influences, richly patterned with jewel-like colours.

With the variety of design within the Harlequin portfolio, previous award winners have been able to explore their own style of work while taking into account its commercial use.

We are a forward-thinking brand, with strong colour awareness and not afraid to make a statement, whether in a beautifully subtle way with texture and design, or with strong and graphic imagery. This is what makes the relationship between New Designers and Harlequin successful, and why we are proud to support and nurture the designers of the future.

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