Designer imagines the future

Industrial designer Ross Lovegrove is hosting a half-hour TV special on CNN tomorrow presenting cutting-edge design ideas predicted to shape the world in 2020.

The one-off programme, Just Imagine, will explore the latest developments being touted to shape the future of our living spaces, transport, education, health and community.

Among the featured visions for the future will be the prototype for Lovegrove’s new solar tree, an urban streetlight whose design is part of a vision for future cities. Self-driving electric bubble cars that morph into night-time streetlamps will also be included.

Other presenters include architect and ecologist Ken Yeang, who will speak about the rationale for the EDITT tower, a new skyscraper in Singapore with its own eco-system.

Yeang will use the tower to highlight the importance of urban design and planning, especially for tall buildings.

Just Imagine will be broadcast at 7.30pm on Saturday 24 November.

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