JHP reveals Myla lingerie boutique look

Harrods provides the backdrop for the launch next month of lingerie brand Myla’s new boutique concept, with design by JHP.

The consultancy was appointed at the end of the summer to ‘develop the future direction’ of the boutiques and concessions, following an exercise by the lingerie retailer on the strategic positioning of its brand. Briefed to create an ‘intimate and luxurious’ shopping environment, JHP drew inspiration from Myla’s focus on balancing opposites, including light and dark and soft texture and hard shiny surfaces.

Key features include a sculptural centrepiece, which will showcase the brand’s main fashion ranges, silk fabric padded walls and reflective bronze mirrored surfaces. The new concept will be rolled out to the US, with the opening of a second New York Myla boutique in early 2008.

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