New Welsh arts body launched

Two of Wales’ public arts organisations have merged to form a new body dedicated to supporting the growth of public art in the country.

The new organisation, named Safle, which means place or position in Welsh, is formed from CBAT, the Arts & Regeneration Agency and Cywaith Cymru – Artworks Wales. It was unveiled on Tuesday with its new logo projected on to the side of the Water Tower, a major public landmark in Cardiff.

The identity, brand guidelines, website and print collateral was developed by London-based consultancy The Bureau for Visual Affairs. It uses vivid yellow and black lines.

‘We want there to be a place for public art in Wales,’ says Wiard Sterk, Safel executive director. ‘Our new name reflects this objective and also conveys the notion of a sense of place.’

Simon Piehl from the Bureau for Visual Affairs says, ‘The Safle identity is based around one core aspect or aspiration, which is to make public art publicly accessible – by making it approachable, understandable and tangible.’

Safle is funded by Arts Council Wales.

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  • Arnold Stephens November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Another Welsh public body shopping in London for design, with a cluster of agencies on their doorstep, these guys have no “notion of a sense of place”

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