Japan Car show opens at Science Museum

Graphic designer Kenya Hara and architect Shigeru Ban have curated Japan Car, an exhibition at London’s Science Museum showcasing car transport solutions from Japan.

The exhibition, which opens on 29 November, posits a short-term solution to congestion problems using small vehicles known as ‘kei cars’, but suggests ‘moving urban cells’ – integrated systems that cover cities and roads – as a longer term answer.

Hara, who designed the identity for the exhibition, says, ‘Cars will be a tool in the future, not just for satisfaction. Cities will have to change.’

Fourteen cars will be on display, including concept models not seen before. They will be exhibited alongside Japanese art and bonsai.

Artist Yamaguchi Akira has created a painting, Oyamazaki, following a commission to show his vision of the future of car transport.

Hara says, ‘The most important thing is showing Japanese industry evolving through cars and the culture, beauty and aesthetics of Japan. This is the first time it’s ever happened.’

Electric, hydrogen-powered fuel cells and hybrid power solutions will feature at the exhibition. It is claimed that the electric Mitsubishi iMiEV can run for 160km after over-night charging from a domestic power supply.

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