Karen Cinnamon defines organic clothing brand

Designer Karen Cinnamon has created the complete brand identity for organic clothing brand Saf, an acronym for ‘socially aware fashion’.

London-based Cinnamon was appointed directly at the end of June to develop new packaging, graphics, logos and a website (www.safclothing.com) for Saf, which is moving from the wholesale market into retail, and is officially launching on 14 November.

Saf’s clothing is all produced in India, and Cinnamon says she wanted to produce designs that drew on this heritage and conjured up the ‘very colourful, vibrant India – not the traditional images, but very bright, in-your-face images’.

Michael Conway, managing director of Saf, says, ‘We are very proud of the origins of our products.’

He adds, ‘The clothing industry is pretty nasty – 20 000 people die every year from pesticide poisoning. Cotton uses 3 per cent of the world’s arable land and 25 per cent of pesticides. We are producing a sustainable, organic product that also doesn’t use child labour.’

Conway says that, as well as having an ethical standpoint, he also wants the brand to appeal to the general market. He says, ‘We want to produce a product people want to wear – not something that’s just for tree-huggers.’

Cinnamon is also designing a community website for Saf called Saf World, which launches at the end of the month.

Users will be able to upload photographs and contribute to a blog on the site, and will also be to enter photography and fashion competitions.

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