Cog Design creates Wellcome Trust teaser campaign

Cog Design has created the branding and campaign for the Wellcome Trust’s Identity Project.

The Identity Project will be a nine-month series of activities from the Wellcome Trust held at venues across the UK. It will feature the Identity: Eight Rooms, Nine Lives exhibition, running at the Wellcome Collection in London from 26 November to 6 April, and a newly commissioned play from songwriter Billy Bragg.

James Peto, senior curator at the Wellcome Collection, says, ‘Identity is a huge topic, so rather than trying to tackle it in one all-encompassing exhibition, we are staging a series of smaller, simultaneous, semi-discrete exhibitions, each tackling a different aspect of, or approach to, the subject.’

Cog has created a teaser campaign for the project, which launches today, featuring Tube posters, a website and identity labels being handed out to the public.

This will be followed up by further campaign elements that will be released in the coming months, revealing more information about the project.

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