Designers Anonymous brands Scottish ecopods

Designers Anonymous has branded, worked on interiors and created a website for a new luxury geodesic dome retreat in Scotland.

Once complete, Ecopod Boutique Retreat, located on the west coast of Scotland near Loch Linnhe, will comprise up to five geodesic domes, supplied by German manufacturer Zendome.

The 100 per cent recycled domes, second-hand furniture and use of sustainable materials are intended to earn the retreat Green credentials. ‘I honestly believe we will have the lowest carbon footprint out of any self-catering hotel in the UK,’ says Ecopod’s co-owner Jim Milligan.

Ecopod appointed Designers Anonymous in early summer on the strength of a recommendation.

At first, the brief ran to creating a website for the retreat. However, the remit rapidly expanded to include rebranding as well.

‘The first logo was brand new, but it was like clip art and very poor considering the retreat is going to be aimed at the Wallpaper [magazine] end of the market,’ says a consultancy spokesman. ‘The client just trusted us to step back and take a look at the whole project.’

Designers Anonymous has created a visual identity (pictured above right) and designed vehicle livery already, and will create marketing materials and advertising for the company as the opening date of next spring approaches.

Milligan says the retreat will be marketed at luxury travellers, retirees, honeymooners and affluent gay couples.

Designers Anonymous, which has no completed interiors projects under its belt to date, also took on interior design for elements of the domes, including creating a camouflage print for the shells (pictured).

Each dome will feature an open-plan kitchen handmade by German furniture company Stadtnomaden, and a standalone, barrel-shaped bathroom pod clad in cedar pine. ‘The domes were looking very clean, but this softens the look a bit,’ says Milligan.

Milligan aims to have two domes in place by April. Located in a National Scenic Area, their removable nature helped to win planning approval for the project.

‘Initially, we were planning on marketing the retreat as 100 per cent carbon neutral, but soon realised that such a concept is impossible, and we didn’t want to be caught out,’ says Milligan.

– Will consist of five geodesic domes, each with a 10m radius
– Stadtnomaden is supplying free-standing, handmade kitchens
– Roger Wilde is making free-standing bathroom pods
– Furniture will be 1970s second-hand designer pieces
– Guests will use electric golf buggies to get around the site

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