Embrace brands fundraising chocolates

A new range of chocolate truffles launches in Waitrose today, with branding and packaging by Embrace Brands.

The Beyond Chocolate truffle brand was conceived by entrepreneurial chef Simon Boyle to raise funds for his homeless charity, the Beyond Boyle Foundation.

Boyle appointed Embrace about three months ago on the strength of his previous working relationship with Embrace founder Greg Vallance, forged during the chef’s time at Unilever about five years ago.

Boyle briefed Embrace to ‘create an iconic design for the first range of chocolates’, according to a spokesman for the consultancy. ‘As the category is completely awash with browns and dark colours, we decided that it was important to create something with immediate on-shelf impact to enable customers to engage with the foundation’s work,’ adds the spokesman.

All profits from sales of the chocolates will go the foundation, which seeks to help homeless and ex-homeless people to develop careers in fine cooking.

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