G Plan to roll out Market Creative retail concept

Manchester-based consultancy The Market Creative is designing a retail concept for furniture manufacturer G Plan’s shop-in-shops.

G Plan appointed The Market Creative in June, after the consultancy approached it with ‘observational and experiential research that showed that G Plan was not optimising the shopping experience’, according to The Market Creative managing director Sue Benson.

‘The biggest thing that G Plan has missed is getting people to sit down on its products,’ she adds.

This observation forms the core of the permanent point-of-sale campaign that will launch in three weeks at an independent furniture store in Bristol.

‘We have taken the values of the brand, which are comfort, quality, heritage and craftsmanship, and tried to communicate them, which G Plan wasn’t doing before,’ says Benson.

The new retail concept will roll out to G Plan concessions in about 400 UK stores throughout 2010.

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