NS Design works for free again

Digital consultancy NS Design is repeating its controversial work-for-free day this year.

The consultancy’s inaugural event last year was condemned by the Design Business Association as ‘damaging to the industry as a whole’. However, the consultancy said the exercise led to it picking up at least two paid jobs.

Gary Ennis, managing director of NS Design, said of last year’s free design day, ‘Not once did any of our team feel we were selling ourselves, the company or the industry short.’

Now the consultancy is to repeat the exercise on 21 December, saying the 2008 day generated thousands of pounds worth of new business. The consultancy also says it will not be passing on the January increase in VAT to its clients.

Ennis says, ‘The debate which raged in the weeks after the [2008] announcement initially took us by surprise. However, I stand by the decision and am happy to do it again this year.’

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  • Gee November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Is his name graham? Or peter?

    P.Enis (sp) seems somewhat apt

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