Skinner’s launches Christmas ale with fairy tale branding

Cornish brewery Skinner’s launches its new Christmas ale today, with labels illustrated by Nick Beringer and designed by Stuart Thorn.

Jingle Knockers features Beringer’s illustration of a Cornish Tin Mine Fairy dressed as Father Christmas and wearing dark glasses. The fairy also adorns the brewery’s Cornish Knocker ale.

According to folklore, the fairies would make knocking noises in mines to guide the miners to the richest seams of tin. Following the demise of the region’s mining industry, Skinner’s extended the story to involve knockers coming up to the surface in disguise, hence Beringer’s depiction of the Knocker character in sunglasses.

The label features a holographic print effect to ‘create the impression of movement and add a 3D quality’, according to the label’s manufacturer Chesapeake Bristol.

The Jingle Knockers labels carry branding by Stuart Thorn, originally created in 1998 when the nascent Skinner’s Brewing Co appointed Thorn and Beringer to brand the brewery and design and illustrate its labels.

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  • John Ames November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    These are utterly dreadful. Cliched illustration couple with ugly design. Why is this featured in Design Week?!

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