Sugar packs get Lewis Moberly makeover

Lewis Moberly has redesigned the packaging for a premium range of sugar, Plantation Reserve.

The consultancy was appointed by West Indies Sugar and Trading Company last November on reputation.

The brief was to package the product in a way that would stand out on the shelf, reflect the Barbadian origins of the sugar, and position it as a premium product in the UK market.

The new packaging consists of a cube with windows in the shape of the island of Barbados, a palm tree and a sun, which display the unrefined sugar inside.

The copy emphasises the geography of the island, and the deep colours reflect the richness of the product.

Mary Lewis, creative director at Lewis Moberly, says, ‘The sugar of Barbados is a far cry from the refined white of familiar brands. Our tactile cube tells the story of the terroir, coral soils, and gentle trade winds’.

The repackaged product relaunched this month in Waitrose in the UK and Supercentre in Barbados.

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