To The Point brands online wine merchant

Consultancy To The Point is developing a brand for new online wine trading merchant LHK Fine Wines.

Appointed in September on the strength of a credentials and creative pitch, the consultancy was tasked with creating an identity for the fledgling company which will trade internationally in fine wines, selling to consumers and collectors. 

‘It wants to shake up the wine trade with a simple contemporary service that takes the pretentiousness out of fine wines,’ says Simon Hutton, managing director of To The Point.

The identity, based on this principle, uses red-and-white colouring to mirror the colour of wine, and relies on a colon to adapt the marque across stationery.

‘The colon looks like two glasses of wine from above and can be used to aid navigation,’ Hutton says.

Tone of voice follows the colon, according to Hutton, and can be used to express double entendres including ‘good nose’, ‘nice body’ and ‘nice legs’ to describe a wine’s taste on business cards.

The consultancy will design the interface for the company’s website, which launches in February 2010.

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