Champagne and paper

Travelling business class on the Eurostar to see the Arjowiggins Graphic Greenfield pulp mill in Chateau Thierry, France last week seemed like an opulent affair. Especially with the paper industry having to work harder than ever before to demonstrate its Green credentials.

Arjowiggins and press at the Champagne Caves in Chateau Thierry
Arjowiggins and press at the Champagne Caves in Chateau Thierry

For those designers who remember the ‘good old days’, I’ve been told that visiting paper mills were always rather decadent occasions. Julian Long, account manager at Arjowiggins Graphic, waxes lyrical that paper mill visits were gauged as successful depending on how much designers remembered. And considering the recycled paper company organised a candlelit dinner at the champagne caves – with copious amounts of  champagne tasting to do throughout the evening, success is clearly what they were aiming for.

Waking up Friday morning with a bubbles-enthused hangover, Arjowiggins got back to business to showcase its new recycled paper range. And while my knowledge on recycled paper is rather limited – having a misconceived idea that it is dull and natural looking – I was rather impressed by the quality and whiteness.

Arjowiggins' environmental calculator
Arjowiggins’ environmental calculator

Arjowiggins Graphic launched in January 2009 with an objective to develop recycled, innovative and environmentally responsible paper. Continuing this promise the group has recently launched an environmental calculator (assessed by The Carbon Neutral Company) where design groups can input specific print job details and find out the difference of using recycled paper and the environmental impact.

So even though the lavish mill visits, today, maybe few and far between – it’s good to see the paper industry working hard to reinforce its sustainable intentions.

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