Creative Triangle maps out Prague airport

Creative Triangle has designed a series of interactive maps for Prague Airport.

Design consultant Neil Emery says he was invited to pitch against Czech consultancies in December 2010 on the strength of similar mapping projects for BAA in the UK

Visitors to the airport website can use the map in advance of travelling to find car parks, navigate routes through the airport and find out details and locations of shops. PDF versions of particular areas can be printed out.

The Flash-built map sits within the airport website and has been designed to match guidelines and colour-ways .

Maps offer 3D navigation and are split into the areas ‘Terminal One,’ ‘Terminal Two’ and ‘Parking’.

Emery says that the airport will be able to update the map itself as changes occur and retail spaces are occupied by new tenants. 

The consultancy will continue to work with Prague Airport to carry out any major mapping changes, says Emery.

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