Dyson launches dog-grooming tool

Dyson has unveiled a dog-grooming tool, the Dyson Groom, which is designed to suck up dog hair before it falls to the floor.

Dyson engineers started developing the tool two years ago to deal with dog owners’ and groomers’ frustrations with pet hair falling on the floor and furniture.

’We experimented with different methods of agitation to remove undercoat and fly-away hair,’ says Dyson engineer Simon Ireland. ’The result was a tool which works in a completely different way to any other.’

The design process involved experimentation on artificial pelts using different techniques and fibres, with the in-house team of Dyson engineers working closely with microbiologists.

The resulting machine uses stainless steel bristles to remove loose hair, dead skin and the associated allergens, while the bristles and airflow are controlled with a thumb-controlled tab. Air flow redirects hair and allergens into a transparent bin.

The machine fits the nozzle of most Dyson vacuum cleaners.

James Dyson says, ‘Conventional grooming tools create a fur cloud and more cleaning. We’ve engineered the Groom tool to hygienically remove fur, without the mess.’

The Dyson Groom has been launched in advance of London Dog Week, which starts today.

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