Get well soon

After the popularity of Kingston University student Napatsawan Chirayukool’s What makes your day? animation, which won the Adobe Design Achievement Awards animation category with its illustrated interviews of people talking about their happy moments, we thought we’d bring you another animated film using similar inspiration from real people.

But far from making you smile, Twelve Foot Six’s animated interviews for new film Get Well Soon, make your cringe and wince in imagined pain.

A still from Get Well Soon
A still from Get Well Soon

Based on a series of interviews conducted with regulars at the The Clock House on Leather Lane in East London, the project captures examples of personal injury including impalings, drive-by assaults, sex injuries, and even people ironing their own legs. Ouch.

Lucy Izzard, Darren Walsh, Phoebe Boswell, Matt Oxborrow, Bill Elliott, Kim Alexander, Bunch and Andrew Kelleher have animated these tales of woe, which have been stitched together by audio-video remix artists Addictive TV.

The project premieres in London at Shoreditch club XOYO on 2nd December, but if you can’t wait to wince, check out a short selection of clips below.

Get Well Soon’ launches at XOYO, 32-37 Cowper Street, London EC2A on 2 December.

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