Identica parent group Cossette restructures

Identica’s parent company Cossette Group is to be renamed Esprit de Corps in the UK as part of a global restructure.

Richard Morris, managing director of Identica, says that the only change, in terms of structure and implications for Identica, is in its holding company’s name.

Until this week, Cossette Group was parent to companies including Identica, Dare and Elvis.

Now, the overall holding company for both Cossette Group and EdC is Vision 7, with Cossette operating solely as a communications agency in Canada, and EdC becoming the parent company of former Cossette Group companies in Europe and North America.

As part of the restructure, Identica is moving its London office to 101 New Cavendish Street. The move will see it sharing an office with other EdC subsidiaries, including Elvis and Dare – the latter is also merging with sister company MCBD, under a new partnership to be known as Dare.

Morris says, ‘Hopefully there’ll be a lot more interaction between the consultancies in terms of geographical location.

‘The shared skillset means there’s the opportunity to take people with very specific skills and have more convenient access to them. The meeting of minds in terms of location will make a big difference.’

He adds, ‘We’re still Identica and still an independent consultancy.’

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