Macaulay Sinclair creates digital restaurant Inamo

Macaulay Sinclair has designed a new restaurant space in London for pan-Asian restaurant Inamo, integrating digital touchscreen table menus with an interior design inspired by natural forms and cellular structures.


The consultancy approached the restaurant speculatively in November 2009 and pitched a proposal, which was accepted for the company’s second restaurant, Inamo St James.

Inamo’s orginal restaurant, designed by Blacksheep, opened in Soho in 2008 and also used the concept of interactive virtual menus, navigated by digital table-top interactives.

While the design of the first restaurant worked ‘in tandem’ with the technology in a ‘clean, crisp environment’, Macaulay Sinclair co-founder John Macaulay says his design will better integrate technology and express ‘nature and movement’.

A cellular structure, which Macaulay describes as ‘an inverted Giant’s Causeway’, protrudes from the ceiling, housing table projectors. The ‘hexagonal extrusions’ are part of a ‘carpet of elements’ and ‘complete a grid’ which aligns tables with projectors.

Rock strata and sedimentary rock formation have inspired wall features and a meandering ceiling pattern follows a path on the floor, mapping a circulation route.

Semi-precious stone and a Japanese garden with water feature and bamboo have also been integrated into the layout.

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