Music rebrands the Brit Awards

The Brit Awards brand has been overhauled by Manchester-based consultancy Music, which has cast a new statuette trophy, drawn a new identity and designed a new website.

Music has created a ‘blank canvas’ trophy, which can be redesigned by a guest designer each year. The trophy also forms the basis of the new identity.

The rebrand is part of an overhaul of the event, brought about by Brit Award chairman David Joseph, who says he is trying to ‘modernise’ the event following its 30-year anniversary this year.

Music won a pitch at the beginning of the year and was initially asked to design a new identity, but the brief was extended on account of the consultancy’s suggestion to carry the brand over into the statuette, according to Music designer Craig Oldham.

Music’s ‘silhouette’ statue has taken the mythical form of Britannia rather than the existing Brit statuette, says Oldham. He adds, ‘The trident went, [along with] the lion, the shield and the Union Jack – now she’s just a strong, proud woman.’

The ‘scratchy, anarchy’ look and feel has been replaced a more ‘elegant’ typeface on the identity, says Oldham. As the customised statuette will appear within the ‘B’ of ‘Brit’ each year, the identity will be refreshed annually.

Vivienne Westwood will customise next year’s trophy. Oldham says she has no brief and the trophy will be ‘a creative expression that she can put her own spin on’.

Westwood’s final statuette design will roll out in advance of the 2011 awards in January, and the Music-designed Brit Awards website will launch before the end of the year.

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