Pearlfisher brands Mii make-up

Pearlfisher has created branding for the new Mii make-up line for cosmetics distributor Gerrard International.

The consultancy was appointed in 2009 on the strength of its credentials with beauty brands. It worked across the entire Mii collection, which includes the core range, minerals and brushes.

Paul Gerrard, head of marketing for Gerrard International, says the company chose Pearlfisher because of to its ‘passion, belief and vision’.

Pearlfisher was briefed to create brand strategy, product segmentation, naming, tone of voice and the packaging design for the product.

It devised the Mii name to reflect the idea of individual beauty and to be visually stylish.

A Pearlfisher spokeswoman says, ‘We wanted to take make-up from minefield to “Mii Field”, to help educate people and make it approachable.’

The packaging is copy-led, incorporating guidelines for individual users, while the colour scheme aims to reflect the professional quality of the brand and appeal to a broad age-range of consumers.

Natalie Chung, creative director Pearlfisher, says, ‘The design portrays the quality and educational aspect of the brand while also giving Mii a completely ownable and chic look and feel.’

Mii will roll out in UK beauty salons this month.

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